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What are the differences between translation, localization, and globalization?

You’ve probably seen these terms a lot. But what do they mean? If you are new to this industry, here’s the best way to remember the differences: Translation is the accurate and appropriate way to present your content in a different language. Localization is the process of adapting that translation for a specific language and country (different variations of Spanish, Portuguese, French, or German, for example). Localization considers local practices and culture and provides an output that is sensitive to the audience in the target country. Globalization is the process of turning the points above into a multilingual, holistic marketing strategy that enables easy localization for audiences in specific target markets, based on culture, region, or language.

What business value do we add to globalization from a technical support perspective?

To mitigate third-party companies’ poor response times, Sinapi aims to restore confidence in systems settings and performance. We monitor your G11n tools closely to detect and fix issues immediately, and we are always at your end-user’s disposal to assist with any technical issue they might have. When we gain a deep understanding of your company’s G11n environment, we’ll suggest and maintain the system settings that best suit your needs.

What are our working hours?

We work Monday through Friday from 1:00 am PST to 5:00 pm PST (GMT+2 and GMT-3 time zones). Basically, we’re available during almost all regions’ business hours.

What support model do we use?

Thanks to our shared services scheme, we have faster response times, better availability, and higher scalability to meet our clients’ needs. The following is our service-level agreement:

  • Support request acknowledgement: 1 hour
  • Support request update/resolution: 4 hours

This enables us to set the right expectations and keep our clients informed.

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