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5 reasons why Sinapi is the employer of choice

Finding a job can be a long, tedious, and often difficult process. It takes up to six months to find a job and about 58% of applicants reject a job offer even after going through the entire process. This is because they want to work for the best company and are searching for the ‘employer of choice’. 

5 reasons why Sinapi is the employer of choice

The term refers to companies that employees aim to work for. A few things applicants look for include company culture, the pay scale, growth potential, work environment, and a company’s overall public image. At the end of the day, we all want the best possible experience. 

Sinapi has proven to be a reliable name over the years as it checks all these boxes and more. Below, we’ll look at what Sinapi offers and why it is the employer of choice for many. 

Work The Way You Want 

The definition of ‘employer of choice’ has evolved in the last few months as more and more people are now looking for companies that offer a hybrid model, i.e.: flexibility in the form of work from home opportunities. 

The pandemic has taught people the importance of virtual jobs and an increasing number of applicants are now preferred to work for businesses that offer this perk. 


Our company offers employees the option to work from home and even provides tools including laptops, desktop monitors and ergonomic office chairs to ensure workers have no trouble performing their duties. This means employees have fewer things to worry about and more time on their hands to cater to their needs. 

A Chance to Grow 

Employees wish to work for an organization that gives them a chance to grow. Big businesses such as Apple and Microsoft are considered admirable because of the high growth potential they offer. There are regular promotions in these organizations and a low level employee has a high chance of reaching a managerial position with time, experience, and skills. 

Sinapi falls in the same category as we believe in rewarding talent. Skilled employees are identified and groomed to fill more important positions. 

Excellent Pay and Perks 

We all have bills to pay and vacations to take. At Sinapi, we believe in providing the best package to our employees so that they feel satisfied, relaxed, and at ease. 

Our People Operations department works extensively to ensure you get paid what you deserve. Our compensation packages are market competitive, and we make sure to create an employee value offer that covers all your needs. Whether you’re growing a family or worried about medical expenses, we’ve got customized wellness programs. 

Recognition and Rewards 

We understand that you want to work for companies that recognize your talent and reward you for your hard work. We have a well-defined reward system designed to identify and groom skilled employees and ensure they are satisfied. 

Today’s employees don’t just want a fat paycheck, they also want recognition. We offer these in the form of bonuses, a pat on the back, announcements, and special courses that give employees a chance to learn more and move up the corporate ladder. 

Professional and Friendly Environment 

At Sinapi, we believe in having a positive environment. We encourage all our employees to share their ideas and find the right work-life balance. Our employees are happy, productive, and satisfied. 

Interested in knowing more about Sinapi? Get in touch with us today and find out why we’re the employer of choice. 

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