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What is Marketing Automation?

Every day, we encounter an endless amount of marketing actions. They can take place in the digital world, while we are working or resting. And, often, we are left to ask ourselves, “How did this get here?”

Generally, all our interactions on websites and mobile apps are being measured by a certain tool, and, when a company wants to provide their customers with the greatest experiences, it will allow them to access these tools. If your goal is to provide the best possible experience to both your current and potential clients, we can offer some insights about how automation drives marketing on a daily basis.  

What is marketing automation?

It means using software that allows you to carry out marketing actions automatically to simplify certain processes and obtain more efficient results. This way, you can invest more time in creative processes that can add value to these actions.

Why should you automate your marketing processes?

There are many benefits to automation. According to our experience, these are the most relevant perks:

  • It enables you to develop complex marketing processes that are normally challenging.
  • It allows for more efficiency and helps reduce staff costs and working hours.
  • It lets companies have more control over marketing actions and monitor their impact in detail.
  • It enables the design of maturity and learning processes—that is, ‘lead nurturing’—for databases. Thanks to marketing automation, an email can be sent featuring tailored content for the right user, at the right time. This way, the potential client can build their own path towards hiring a product or service.
  • It also lets you automatically detect which are the registered users that might be more fit for receiving a business offer, based on their profile and behavior towards the company. This point system is known as ‘lead scoring’.

What are lead nurturing and lead scoring?

These two complementary concepts, regularly used in email marketing campaigns, can help companies identify the stage of the conversion funnel where a potential or current client is situated. Lead nurturing is specifically oriented towards generating a series of email marketing campaign deliveries so that leads can move forward with the purchase decision process; lead scoring, on the other hand, provides the necessary information to pin down the stage where a lead is located.

During this last automation process, a scoring model is used to determine each lead’s progress level and which steps must be taken next, depending on their score. At this time, we can also identify two groups. Firstly, engagement scoring can help us assess those leads that are not yet customers and who are being evaluated to know whether they are close to the purchase decision or not. Secondly, but not less important, through loyalty scoring, we can identify leads that have already become customers and, if the company has an upgrade or cross-selling model, may be offered better products or services, or even a supplementary service which might differ from the ones they have acquired in the past.


Throughout the years, Sinapi has become an expert partner in marketing automation, as we possess the technological experience and knowledge that enable such actions. If you believe we can provide you with the comprehensive assistance you need and walk you through this process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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