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We have created a place meant to connect with audiences around the world 3.0, where we will be conducting webinars, talks and interviews with professionals that specialize in the Localization, Tech Support, and Marketing Automation areas. Sinapi Talks aim to bring insights, trending skills, technologies, trigger conversations, and spark ideas around all that’s relevant to the industry.

Sinapi Talks, a space to share and explore our expertise

Abby Fine Reader 15: A Handy Solution for the Localization World

Ep. 3 - Mar. 2023

Join us for a Sinapi Talk to discover how Abbyy FineReader 15 can simplify and streamline localization tasks. Learn how this software solution can help you convert printed documents and images into editable digital formats quickly and accurately, saving time and improving efficiency in the localization industry. Don’t miss out on discovering the key features and benefits of Abbyy FineReader 15.


RWS Trados Enterprise – Sneak Preview

Ep. 2 - Nov. 2022

Join us in this sneak preview of RWS Trados Enterprise, where our Director of Technology and founder, Daniel Campos, will walk you through this new promising cloud-based TMS.


What's New in WorldServer 11.7

Ep. 1 - Jul. 2021

Register now to watch on-demand the insight of our technology expert, Daniel Campos, who reviewed the 11.7 update for RWS WorldServer. Here he explains the challenges of installing it from scratch, best practices, new features, and changes from previous versions.


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