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Last Call: Google Analytics 4


Ep. 4 - May 2023

Unlock exclusive on-demand access to an insightful session with Federico Colombo, our Marketing Director. Explore Google Analytics 4 as he delves into its essential features, benefits, and downsides for the marketing industry, along with the migration process from Universal Analytics. Register now to watch and enhance your expertise.

– Why you should migrate
– Main differences between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4
– What you should do when switching to Google Analytics 4

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federico colombo sinapi

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Federico Colombo

Marketing Director


Starting out as a technical support and customer care specialist, Federico has always strived to provide the best service. Over time, he realized the key element to success is creativity, believing that it should be part of every aspect of a company. Federico is responsible for the marketing strategy of Sinapi and for ensuring that marketing efforts are impactful, forward-thinking, and captivating. In this way, he implements multiple marketing strategies to achieve strategic goals, making sure that the values and culture of Sinapi are reflected throughout all the processes.

leandro bulacio sinapi

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Leandro Bulacio

Digital Marketing Manager


Leandro is an experienced professional in digital marketing, with a focus on achieving results. He currently holds the position of Digital Marketing Manager at Sinapi. He has extensive knowledge in the development and implementation of comprehensive digital marketing programs. Leandro is an expert in web, SEO/SEM, email marketing, social media, and graphic advertising campaigns. He has a strong track record of optimizing digital assets, analyzing campaign effectiveness, and delivering practical insights. Additionally, he is skilled in budget planning, A/B testing, and search engine optimization. Leandro’s ability to lead cross-functional teams and ensure alignment with project timelines is highly valued in his role as Digital Marketing Manager at Sinapi.

Starting out as technical support and a customer care specialist, Federico has always strived to provide the best service. Over time, he realized the key element to achieving goals is creativity. Believing that it should be part of every aspect of any company.

Inspiring our team to keep raising the bar is what Federico enjoys the most. He tries to nurture the great talents among the team, and help them discover our individual hidden talents.

When Federico is not in the office, he’s travelling to and exploring new places, or enjoying a good movie.

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