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Ep. 1 - Jul. 2021

Register now to watch on-demand the insight of our technology expert, Daniel Campos, who reviewed the 11.7 update for RWS WorldServer. Here he explains the challenges of installing it from scratch, best practices, new features, and changes from previous versions.

– Installation challenges in Windows Server
– File types and coming changes:
– Deprecated file types that will be removed and/or replaced
– Reorganization of filters
– Export
– Scoping information
– SDL Online Editor (changes from previous versions)
– Terminology
– General changes in Dashboard
– TM Cache (new feature from 11.6 and changes in 11.7)
– Sinapi best practices for migration
– Sinapi tips and tricks for the upgrade

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Daniel Campos

Technology Director & Founder


With over 13 years of experience in the Globalization industry. Daniel has a vast experience deploying, administering and troubleshooting all known apps in the industry like RWS WorldServer, XTM, Memsource, Ontram, Trados Studio and many more.

Daniel is the CTO/CIO of Sinapi, he is responsible for the company´s information systems and technologies and, in addition, is responsible for identifying and providing the necessary technologies for the company’s processes to function as well as possible focusing on capacity planning and quality of delivery strategies.
Daniel has been in the technology industry for over 20 years. In terms of Globalization, Daniel drives product globalization to a new level of maturity and success, across the company’s portfolio of tools. Providing guidance, direction, and clarity on integrating Globalization services.
Outside the office, Daniel cooks for family and friends in company of a good wine, read books and watch movies.

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